TTW Audio (Heavy Version) 580 Gram Center Weight and Clamp - Solid Brass/Aluminum Collet SUPER RARE!

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 TTSuperClamp 580 Gram Solid Body Brass Aluminum Collet
Very Rare - Works as a clamp or a center weight
580 Grams/1.278 LBS
ONLY 30 Produced of this heavy weight style
Incredible sound – provides spindle clamping especially effective on direct drives were originally designed for the SP-1- technics and all newer tables.

Material and Engineering Summary:
1. Machined from billet 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, both main body and collet
2. Finish: Diamond Machined and Hand Polished
3. Dimensions: 3.45 inch base diameter by 1.5 inches height
4. Minimum spindle height 1/8”

Engineered to Perform
The high performance aircraft style soft collet is our own unique design; the collet and locking nut (top piece) are machined from a single part. The system uses two components vs. three. The older style of clamp uses mass produced machine collets, not very delicate, not designed for turntables and connected by a course threaded knob.
The body is machined from Billet brass provides superb resonance control from the rigid main body. The collet is a proprietary design gained from our many years of Aerospace and the use of hundreds of high precision collet systems down to .020 diameters. This collet is extremely well machined and provides rigid clamping of the TT spindle without the possibility of damaging the turntable spindle.
· Universal Fit CLAMP except Linear Tracking Turntables
· Cleaner sound, improved dynamics and frequency response
· Lower Distortion Levels
· Machined flats on body and collet for ease of grip
Caution: DO NOT DISSASSEMBLE; the collet system will be permanently damaged