About us

Why are we Re-Opening?

We are very pleased to announce the re-opening of TTW Audio. Thank you to our valued customers who have been buying our remaining inventory and requesting more products. Thank you for your continued loyalty and continued support to re-open the business. We are back with the most innovative products backed by our 30 day money back guarantee and Lifetime Warranty.

Last year we began designing and testing a new type of configurable center stabilizer. A forward thinking upgradeable modular center stabilizer system you can be tune to fit your turntable and your preference in playback. After selling 1000’s of center weights and clamps most customers end up with two or three of our products. Why not build ONE product that can be upgraded as your needs change. So that is where we are starting, we will be manufacturing some of our products from the past and new products to come in the future.

Our Rich History in LP Playback

Originally founded in 2006 as TTWeights we initially manufactured several models of center weights and clamps. Over the next 10 Years we developed and sold a large selection of turntable upgrade including tone arm upgrades, center weights, center clamps, the famous TTW Outer Ring, record mats and isolation footers and platforms.

The Future

Our new products are being machined at my Brothers local (Newmarket, Ontario) top end Aerospace shop, Bramden Precision. We look forward to building many new products in the future! What products would you like to see? Send me a message on the contact page.

Buy North American and support OUR economy, we guarantee your satisfaction 100% of the time.

Our products have often been imitated but NEVER duplicated.


Larry Denham

President, TTW Audio

  Some of our notable products in the past

    1. TTW Audio invented the Outer ring with the centering tool, it has been unsuccessfully copied 
    2. Outer ring of pure copper, 304BL Stainless Steel with many options
    3. High end Rim Drive Turntables and a number of other audio related products
    4. The Black Onyx
    5. Christine the 120 Lbs. Brass platter internal Rim Drive
    6. The MOMENTUS V1,V2, 
    7. The MOMENTUS CU9999 100 Lb. pure copper platter 
    8. The GEM Turntables, best seller